Castle Rock Brewery Visit

//Castle Rock Brewery Visit

Following another lively and well attended NMN meeting some 20 members of the network were treated to an extensive tour of Castle Rock Brewery.

Mark Goldby, Chairman of the NMN said “Visits to our members’ premises to see how their operations function is an important benefit of membership to our network.  Castle Rock are a fantastic success story for the County and we thank them for opening their doors to us.  It is also a great opportunity to share best practice amongst members and I cannot think of a better way to do that than over a drink.”

Jon Edger, ably assisted by Jon Cox, took the group from the formulation and mixing area into the ‘hot end’ of the process and explained the mashing sequence of events.  From there we followed the distilling process into the ‘cold room’ where the smell of fermenting yeast caused many to lick their lips!

Brewery TourDistillation Room

The tour drew to it’s eagerly anticipated close in the bar!  Samples of two of Castle Rock’s finest were sniffed, sipped and discussed at length by the latest batch of ‘beer experts’.  Another resounding success for the Nottinghamshire Manufacturing Network where the starting point for membership is… it doesn’t matter what you make as long as you make something!  In this case it was excellent beer so many thanks to our hosts ‘Castle Rock Brewery’.

Castle Rock Brewery - History

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