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Project Description

Almor Limited


Almor has been formed to deliver the benefits of an “all round capability” by bringing together a number of complementary furnace engineering and alloy fabrication companies with histories going back to 1917.

General – What we do
The group support the requirements of the vacuum and atmosphere furnace heat treatment industry and other process sectors where high temperatures or corrosive environments are encountered. These applications cover a wide range of industry needs including aerospace, automotive and many others. Our atmosphere and process control systems associated with these furnaces enable processing to meet international and industry standards.




Along with renowned service and support Almor can offer a wide range of standard and customised vacuum and atmosphere furnaces. These are targeted for specific processes which involve heat treating in a wide range of controlled atmospheres including nitriding, carbon and hydrogen along with others.


Our Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone facility is located in the West Midlands Tipton plant. This facility carries extensive stocks of CFC materials enabling Almor to respond to urgent, as well as planned, hot zone relines or repairs. Both carbon based and metallic hot zones are produced from this site.

Today Almor is the UK’s foremost fabricator of offshore gas flare stacks/systems and a leading supplier of nickel alloy heat treatment equipment. A wide range of other markets are served including vessels, pumps, power generation and much more.


Our Address

Almor Limited
Daleside Road

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