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Project Description

Engineering Business Support Ltd

Engineering Business Support Ltd is a company set up to act as a facilitator for the manufacturing sector.

As with most companies we identified a need in a certain field and acted upon it. This being a Blue Chip company having supply chain Issues.

EBSL were asked to see if we could set up a supply chain for the Blue Chip company, which we did very successfully, and were commended for the results.


We now look at many areas including:
• Putting systems into companies to enable processes to run smoothly, including ERP system.
• KPI’s.
• Promoting some of the latest measuring technology.
• Facilitating the members of the Nottingham Manufacturing Network.
• B2B.
• University Business engagement- by developing a pro-active approach of visiting manufacturing businesses to explain what the university has to offer, the objective is to develop mutually beneficial working relationships with open minded progressive businesses.
• Involved with networking and networking events such as NMN (Nottingham Manufacturing Network), MLE (Midland Leadership Experience).


Our aim is to promote supporting your business in areas you do not have the resources, or need a project to be completed.
Why not show me around your business, sit down and talk about your company needs, and see what benefits we can offer.
Giving the following benefits
• Free the time of Busy M.D’s and senior professionals.
• Time is money, we can apply in a way to save your time.
• There may not always be a charge.
• Single source for all issues.
• Engineering solutions saving your time.
• Extra capacity.
• New suppliers.
• New methods.
• Business solutions saving your time.
• Do you have a grip on your business.
• Sort out your processes.
• Help with KPI’s.
• Production Planning and control.
• Best practice, more efficient.
• Money saving services MRP/ERP.
• Temporary support.
• Avoid the need to employ thus avoiding employment issues.
• Experienced manufacturing engineer/M.D.
• Network of experts.
• Support network.
• Look at your Wants, but Needs may have different priority.
• Utilities, all services on one bill, saving extra filling and bank charges.




Our Address

Engineering Business Support Ltd
DE72 3BG

Phone: 07932 134134

Twitter: @steveswalker

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