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Project Description

Micro-Mesh Engineering Limited

We are a leading UK Filter Manufacturer; we can design and manufacture a range of Hydraulic, Oil & Air filters for any industrial application. By identifying our customer’s needs we give them a competitive edge in the market, providing filtration solutions through innovation, flexibility and all-round personal service. Therefore our mission statement is: “We believe the best way to secure tomorrow’s market is to ensure that today’s quality and service are absolutely dependable” and our vision is to remain respected as a manufacturer for filtration design, innovation and expertise. Our mission, vision and company values are important to us as they define the essence of Micro-Mesh.


Our filter elements are designed and manufactured at our facility in Nottinghamshire. With over 45 years expertise we have developed a comprehensive range of filter elements for every Industrial application. The Microfit alternative range enables us to offer alternative cartridges to all the major filter manufacturers, using our 100,000+ cross reference data base.


• Filter Elements
• Pressure filters
• Suction filters
• Return line filters
• Air breathers
• Last chance filters
• Indicators
• Level switches
• Tank plugs
• Offline cleaning units
• Branding
Laser etching filters to customers specific requirements. The filters will have your own logo and part numbers on it to secure your aftermarket.
• Microfit Alternatives
Micro-Mesh can design and manufacture an improved alternative to your existing filters.
• Identyfit
Offering a unique range of filters and housings colour coded specifically for the application, corporate colour or micron rating
• Filter kitting



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Our Address

Micro-Mesh Engineering Limited
Innovation House
Dabell Avenue
Blenheim Industrial Estate
Nottingham, NG6 8WA

Tel no: +44 (0) 1159 752 929
Fax no: +44 (0) 1159 751 175

E-mail: enquiries@micro-mesh.co.uk
LinkedIn: Micro-Mesh Engineering Ltd.
Facebook: MicroMeshEngineering
Twitter: MicroMesh
Instagram: MicroMesh

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